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Hello, my name is Stefanie Orozco. I started Boost Stream to help clients manage their online presence by offering comprehensive online content management solutions that are customized to the needs of each individual client.

As the web becomes more prevalent in our day-to-day lives, it has become painfully clear that simply having a website isn't enough. Websites must function and look great in desktops, tablets, and phones. Social media websites are also creating a whole new Customer expectation for timely and engaging information. Review sites require continual monitoring and quick response to Customer feedback. And, search engines need to find you when others are searching for you.

All of these factors together create an online presence. Managing an effective online presence takes focus. Boost Stream is here to help manage all of your content across all online outlets. You control the content. We drive the delivery across all outlets and ensure your online content strategy maintains its momentum. We ensure your presence is updated and polished across all devices. And, when a situation arises where a fast response is needed, we will be there to alert you so it is treated with the highest priority. Our commitment is to continually discover, develop and deliver the best online strategies and technologies to manage your online presence. Our promise is to provide an unwavering passion for delivering products and services of the highest value on time and on budget. Our dedication is to make the process simple and efficient.

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Stefanie Orozco

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