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Stefanie Orozco

I started web development in 1998 while a student at the University of Texas at Austin. After spending many hours hiking around campus to get to the computer lab, my mom decided to purchase me a Dell computer for $3,000. I was elated but I also felt a huge need to ensure that I earned that money back from that first computer. At the time, I was also doing various desktop publishing tasks as a volunteer for organizations. When a friend asked if I could create a website with their newsletter content, I took on the project and discovered my passion! I love both the creative and technical side of web development and studying how people interact with technologies to get information. By the time I graduated with my degree in Business Administration, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Since, I have spent 13 years as a professional user interface developer and content management developer working on small websites to major, business critical sites. I have seen how quickly the web has become a critical piece of the marketing strategy and how an effective and comprehensive online presence can help bolster a business. Yet, I have spoken with many business owners that are simply overwhelmed with the ongoing development and content management cycles. I started Boost Stream to help companies effectively manage their online presence by communicating the latest trends, understanding how to leverage them to your advantage and devising an online content strategy that can be maintained throughout the year.

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