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At Boost Stream, our approach to online presence management is about creating an ongoing partnership.

Whether you are new to the web or are looking to improve your current websites, the general approach is the same.

Online presence management is an iterative process with four basic stages:


Together, we’ll assess the current state of your online presence. Based on core business objectives, we create a list of specific online goals. These goals should represent your brand both online and offline. A clear strategy is then developed to meet established goals and evaluate how success will be measured through defining clear objectives and benchmarks.

Developing a Strategy in Online Presence Management


Once a strategy has been established, a development timeline is created and all tools and processes needed to maintain content are established. We help evaluate all online options and determine the most effect approach to managing content and branding image based on your goals.

Building a Full Online Presence


No effective online presence can be maintained without fresh content and timely information. We will match you to an online presences content management plan that best fulfills your content management needs. Ongoing content management includes updating text and images across all websites, monitoring feedback related to your website, tracking how many visitors are viewing your site and maintaining focus on key strategies by ensuring objectives are being met.

How Content is Managed


Just as the web evolves, so must your online strategy. At the end of one year, we meet to focus on results – what went right, what needs to be improved, and what needs to be maintained. If needed, we will revisit strategies that aren’t working to see where changes can be made. This is also a great time to start thinking of the next iteration of the website. Every two years, we feel it is time for an image update. The content management strategy may remain the same but the design of the site across all platforms should be refreshed to reflect the company.

How ongoing improvements of your Online Presence set you for optimal success